XOXO - BEER, TOINE & LOIS


Edition 1,


Sunday September 12 2021
         Toine P. — memories — A very special sunny day — a wreckage of variables. A succes story -so far- with limited recourses we proved ourselfes.
We needed to clone ourselves, needed to be everywhere simultaniously.

crowd funding = $425.00

       Phylos D. — Muralist — Almost got a ticket due to bad communication with the Municipality en the Harbour patrol 

Fine = $145.00

       Max C. — Initatif taker — Barely slept, high on pride. 99 Espresso’s, didnt pay for 1. 

Saved = $198.00

Know your boating rules, regulations, laws, dangers and everything else.

        Daan Bbarista, always relaxed — Never has someone made such a scene in my city. “You’ve changed my life!!” Etc. Etc. A small controled route by 13 artists. And one boat that gave coffee for free cause they couldnt charge. ” She didn’t pay; I should have had her arrested. Cigarette?

Tip = $00.00

      Lois N. — Initatif taker— A news article about last years event. They wrote my name wrong. It’s Lois, not Loïs. it is remarkable how much these look alike, not the same though.

        Birgit E. — wind underneath our wings — The new concept is brilliant. Aqueous filtered light everywhere — otherworldly .

        Unknown sponsor —I am broke but worth it. I’m in ecstasy.

Sponsored= $1500.00


        Hannah J. — Sober and thirsty — really impressed by the work. Too bad I couldnt buy any drinks. Really felt like spending too much money, oh well. Next year maybe.  

Tip = $150.00




Edition 2,


The word is out, Haarlem Overdrijft  was two days lastyear. July 9th & 10th

We had merchandise? yeah we did! 

Looking at the very impressive line up of creatives.

We want to make Haarlem Overdrijft free and open for everybody

Obviously not every budget allows for the time to induldge into the arts. So Haarlem Overdrijft will always be an open event. The tickets just give you a way to float on the water but we completly support blowing up your own raft or build a ship if you can figure out the sizes. 

A beer boat  for blessing you 

We are actively trying to get the “Gemeente” to jump on board and lift all existing rules for serving you some fine ass drinks while you relax in your lifeboat, maybe some music in the back (other rules we need to bend) and picture some oysters or ice creams to top it all of. It just might be the best memory you will make all year.. No pressure.

Nine Tips for staying young

1Put away your electronics, 2join our vision, 3Look at the waves, rain may be pooring down but that wont stop us. 4Smile to the artists, 5maybe wave, 6don’t smile to extensive - that can come off as creepy - 7Don’t wear suits. No one needs them. 8Buy art. 9Smile a little again. 

Are you a legal - knowing - miracle? then we need you. Help us move trough mountains of paperwork.

Avocado on everything

For the ultimate millenial - is the musle memory in your tumb trained to navigate the social media universe thorough and intens. And is your hourly rate spend directly on flatwhites and plant based milks? Come join the team, payed with coffee. 

Don’t watch TV. Watch Art®