Who are

Haarlem Overdrijft was birthed when Max Caminita en Thijs Wijkhuizen(owner Morris and runner up “Haarlemmer van het jaar”) en Lois Notebaart (lots of fancy titles but mostly just makes things) combined their two opposite interest of Gastronomy and Art.            
                        One of them also liked water.

    There happend to be a Pandemic at the time so they decided to start making the impossible possible, read: to create a new concept with the municipality AND the harbour patrol and all their protocols and rules.

        These two pure chaos drivin' people needed help to actually realize it. Who better then Toine, project management skills of unprecedented height and such a deep love for Haarlem that every sentence begins or ends with a compliment to - his- city. and Birgit (Dutch judo champion)  a quiet wind behind dozens of projects who flawlessly fixes everything the rest is incapable of. If they make it look easy, they are often very good..

Lois Notebaart
Van Brakelstraat 40, 1057XC Amsterdam
BTW NL043355638B01
KvK 70886881