Haarlem Overdrijft ‘22 —

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Them Peckin’ boys.
   — Folk —
no slackin', hard peckin'.

   — Dj & producer duo
“The thing about performing is....”


Vayy and Joshua Aaron
  — Music Duo — Plugg in

Marieke Luthart and Elisabeth Ruijgrok
  — Muralist —  Since we understand life to be a wildly cross-pollinating, combinatory affair. We cross pollinated our forces


Rens, Jaïr and Ome Uncle
  — Performance —  Kom dansen, kom vunzen, kom vies feunen in de streets

Vïnïx Vlemïx
   — Photographer — Annything fits his square.

Beijnes hal 

    — Dj & Producer
“So with the prospects of me going international I’d have to humbly ask someone to facilitate a constant live map, if there's a way to get lost I'll find it oh the irony…   I found myself in Venlo the other day with the honest deception I was playing in a forest Hungary, attained new appreciation for dutch forests though.. “


Phylos Donkertino and Zoe Donker
    — Muralist and Monastic work— Since neither seeing “art” nor saying “art” nor thinking of “art” is the same thing — none is fully reality.

De Schuur

Luna Petilli
    — Film maker — 
“Haarlem, can I show you the world?
Shining, shimmering, splendid
Tell me, Haarlem, now when did
You last let your heart decide?
I can open your eyes
Take you wonder by wonder
Over, sideways and under
On a magic carpet ride”

De V&D

Rosan Gort
    — Painter — 
The people I draw symbolize enormous power for me. Their pure nature always touches me deeply. I express this emotion through my pencil & paper as best as possible.

De tuinen van de egelantier

Jorrit Vlas and Toni van Dam
    — Game designers 
“Imagine a product being this individualistic thing, with its own purpose and lifespan. When does it become part of a big group of useless - maybe even worrisome - trash. When does it loses its value and becomes a burden…. It raises the question: When, or where does the life cycle of a product end?” #showerthoughts

De Bavo

Tomos and Niels Eilering
   — Painters and Gallery owners — “The city is a great and all — but the police station has the best bathrooms.” 

De koude hoorn

Kelly Koene
    — Painter — If it wasn’t for Australia, haarlem could have had it all. 


Candela Murillo 
   — Dancer and painter — 
Like every other person, Candela is looking for an appartment in the overpriced era we call today. It is remarkable how flexible she is, to flexible really.. oh and she’s kind, a kind, flexible house hunter. 

De Puntbrug

Miss Bloem
   — florist—
Let’s be open minded. 

   — Clothes —
“Fuck Fast Fashion.”

De hout

Lois Notebaart
    — Multidiciplinary artist — 

“They keep trimming our magnificent trees; no warning — too much sky. “

Private property, wouldnt you like to know.

    — Singer songwriter —
His no-nonsense music floats timelessly through the worries of everyday life. Expect a wrong chord here, a wrong note there, but above all a lot of bliss.
in the context of postmodern anonymity is this a extrememly personal concert.

Sophia Bernson
   — Illustrator and Graphic desinger
As long as fish can swim, birds can sing, I will swing.. ding ding ding…

Molen de Adriaan

Anouk & Bram
  — Spoken word
Moved back home to talk.

De Amsterdamse poort

Luke Wang
  — Singer songwriter
" My thoroughly living and inquiring entity ended me up here.. in haarlem"

Trains station